Madawaska Highlands Observatory Corp. Inks $3M Investment


By Frank Roy / CEO

Madawaska Highlands Observatory Corp.



Ottawa - June 2014. The Madawaska Highlands Observatory Corp. (‘MHO’) inked its first major investment. Oakville Hydro Energy Services Inc. (‘OHESI’), is investing approximately $3,000,000 into the Madawaska Highlands Observatory project. Oakville Hydro Energy Services Inc. (OHESI)* is a wholly owned, non-regulated business subsidiary of Oakville Hydro Corporation which invests in the development, operation and long term ownership of sustainable, community-based energy and related infrastructure assets. The MHO is very pleased that the OHESI is investing in this landmark project. It was the Visitors Centres’ off-grid nature that OHESI found particularly attractive and is an extremely good fit for them. The 27,000+ sq. ft Visitors Centre will be the largest off-grid commercial building in North America.


Company Seeks Scientific Partner

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory Corp. is seeking a scientific partner (s). Our science partner will share the available science time - 1,00 hours/year - on the Wide-Field-Telescope ('WFT'), a one-metre autonomous telescope utilizing a cooled (-100ΊC) 112 Mpixel monolithic camera with a gapless FOV of five square degrees (0.7"/pixel) with rapid download times and high QE (94% @ 550nm and 50% @ 1000nm). Partners from anywhere in the world are welcome.


Facility Update

Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc., a prominent Ottawa architectural firm has designed our Visitors Centre. The 27,000+ sq. ft. facility will incorporate a one-hundred sixty-nine seat seventeen-metre digital planetarium, expected to be Canada's most advanced and employing over a half dozen 4K projectors and a high power 7.1 digital sound system. The facility will incorporate a well appointed restaurant, a boutique, one hundred and twenty  seat 4K lecture theatre and several multi-use well equipped 40 person board rooms, two can be combined to accommodate 80+ people, the WFT telescope control room, a display and exhibit hall, a special exhibit area, a plaza, an amphitheatre, a covered outside terrace, outside architectural and theme related elements, a marked planetary trail  as well as office space and logistics. The Project Booklet [see below] has a full description of the facility and its offerings.


Visitors can enjoy very large Public Telescopes, up to 40", which will be housed in specially designed buildings nearby the Visitors Centre. The custom engineered 30" and 40" public telescopes are designed with extremely fast optical systems ~f/2 to allow using these large telescopes without a ladder for safety, security, comfort and efficiency.


The Facility is intended as a year round destination for tourism, education and special events and can be booked for meetings, AGM's, family gatherings, reunions, weddings etc. The planetarium chairs can be removed and the theatre used for dinners and other special events, where projected backdrops can accommodate the occasion!


The Visitors Centre will be off-grid employing a variety of technologies to achieve this, including but not limited to electric solar panels, solar thermal panels, geo-thermal, grey water recovery, rain water capture, innovative building design, LED lighting, high efficiency HVAC, piped in sunlight and so on.


The facility is expected to be a national destination and will transform the region economically.

Project Booklet

The company has released a beautifully illustrated 28 page glossy Project Booklet,  printed on a heavy gloss paper with an extra thick cover for a very professional look and feel.


A pdf version of the booklet is available for download:


Hardcopies can be obtained by contacting us with a mailing address:


The Project Booklet covers all aspects of the project including:


— A World Class Tourism, Educational and Special Events Destination

— The Story of the Madawaska Highlands Observatory

— A Unique Company

— The Facility in Summary

— The Visitors Centre

— An Inspirational and Educational Experience

— Special Activities and Features

— The Largest Commercial Off-Grid Building in North America

— Planetarium

— Public Telescopes

— The Most Powerful Telescope in Canada

— Science With The Most Powerful Telescope Canada

— Location

— Night Sky

— Special Events Destination

— Transforming The Region Into National Destination

— Investing the Madawaska Highlands Observatory

— Naming Opportunities

— Leadership

— Support

— Master Plan

— The Future



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Figure 1 - State-of-the-Art Off-Grid 27,000+ sq. ft. Visitors Centre and Planetarium




Figure 2 - The Visitors Centre has a Unique Architecture

Figure 3 - Cutout of the 27,000+ sq. ft Visitors Centre


1  Visitors Centre/Planetarium

2  Plaza

3  Two-hundred seat amphitheatre

4  Public observatories

5  Professional observatories

6  Bus Parking (20)

7  Visitor parking (200)


Figure 4 - Master Plan


Figure 6 - Public Telescope Building Capable of Supporting Four Telescopes



Figure 7 - 40" and 30" Public Telescopes on Building Platform

Figure 8 - 40" and 30" f/2 Public Telescopes