The King's University Observatory

The King's University Observatory is a privately owned and operated facility that comprises four observing buildings. Development of the facility (with creation of Observatory #1) began in 1994 and has been used primarily for undergraduate education and research by students and faclty at The King's University. The observatory is located at the author's residence - approximately 25 km from central Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (113.W,53.5N).

Observatory #1

Observatory #1 is equipped with a Celestron C14 on a custom made German Equatorial Mount. It is used primarily for photometry, spectroscopy and imaging. Sample images can be seen at the Observatory Gallery page. The observatory consists of a retractable roof, warm room and separate observing room. The telescope can be remotely controlled via a wireless connection. The image below shows the C14 in the observing room (Observaotory #2 is visible in the background).

Observatory #2

Observatory #2 is a simple observing shed that houses a Paramount MX mount which is primarily used to carry a 250mm Ritchey-Cretien reflector and/or a Stellarvue 102R telescope. This has been used primarily for undergraduate teaching and can be operated remotely by students.

Observatory #3

Observatory #3 is used primarily for solar observing and is equipped with a modest Skywatcher HeQ5 pro mount that supports either a Stellarvue 102R or Stellarvue 70 refractor. Observations are done with either the SolEX or SHG V2 spectroheliographs. The image below shows the Stellarvue 102R with the SHG V2 attached.