Astronomy 200 Midterm#2 Exam Links

Important Instructions:

You have 1 hour to complete part 1 - the multiple choice section. Failure to submit your exam within this time limit will result in receiving zero for this section - please watch your time very carefully. When you have completed section 1 please proceed to the long answer section. This must be completed and submitted before 5:00 pm, Friday April 3.

You may use online and other resources but communication with other students is not allowed - please respect this.


Link to Part 1 - multiple choice

Link to Part 2 - long answer (I suggest that you prepare your answers in Word or Notepad or its equivalent and when you are ready copy your answers to the appropriate questions on the exam - once you hit submit the exam will not allow you to re-submit) so be sure to complete all of Part 2 before submitting.